The 10 must-do things to do in Essaouira

Essaouira occupies a strategic position on the Atlantic coast and has always been an important commercial port since the 15th century. Different populations and cultures have coexisted in harmony for centuries, making it a city with a very diverse atmosphere. Its many monuments give it a charm that cannot be found anywhere else in Morocco.

So you want to visit the city of the Trade Winds? Discover a new province? Here is a selection of essential activities to make the most of this pearl of southern Morocco:

The Medina

Visiting Essaouira is first of all to experience the typically Moroccan atmosphere. What could be better than strolling through the alleys of the Medina to meet the inhabitants? You will walk between the souks, restaurants, shopping and tastings of the region’s specialty… The exhibitors offer all kinds of souvenirs and gifts: spices, olives, crafts… The charm of the historic center of the Medina and the good humor of the traders will make you have a good time.

Les Remparts

The ramparts of Essaouira were built in the XNUMXth century to protect the city from foreign attacks. Essaouira was then the most important commercial port of Morocco and the Sultan Mohamed Ben Abdallah decided to build fortifications to defend it.

The design of the ramparts and the direction of the works were entrusted to the French architect Théodore Cornut. A pupil of the Marquis de Vauban, he built an enclosure around the Medina inspired by the fortifications of Saint-Malo.

The sunset

One of the best spots where you can watch the sunset; admiring a sunset is one of the must-do activities if you plan to visit Essaouira. The geographical position of the city and the picturesque buildings offer breathtaking landscapes when the sun sets on the horizon.

The bazaars

If you are looking for places to visit in Essaouira, do not miss a shopping session in the various souks of the city, souks that have kept their authenticity. You will be able to discover original handicrafts there, different from those of the rest of the country. At the jewelry souk, you will find jewelers who create the pieces by hand before your eyes. The leatherwork and marquetry workshops also have some nice surprises in store.

The beach

The main beach stretches for several kilometers between the city fortress and the south of the city. You can relax on sun loungers, have a drink or taste Moroccan specialties while soaking up the sun.

The blond sand is gently brushed, making Essaouira beach one of the most beautiful in Morocco. You will enjoy the arabesques of the kite surf sails in the blue sky, as well as the surfers cutting the waves and crossing each other in a balanced and well-oiled machine.

The village of Diabat

Just 3 kilometers south of Essaouira is the charming village of Diabat. Its beautiful beach is perfect for nautical activities and there are both high-end accommodation and guesthouses.

In Diabat, we find the silted Dar Sultan Palace, the former residence of Sultan Mohamed Ben Abdallah, which overlooks the estuary of Oued Ksob. Diabat is also known for being frequented by hippies in the 1970s. Singer Jimmy Hendrix stayed there and took inspiration from the sandy palace to write his famous song “Castle made of sand”.

Women’s cooperatives for the production of argan oil

The argan tree is a tree whose fruit allows the production of an oil known for centuries for its nourishing properties. The argan tree only grows in Morocco. A few kilometers from Essaouira, you will come across cooperatives managed by women who cultivate the fruit of the argan tree to obtain a certified organic food or cosmetic oil.

This miraculous oil, appreciated by great chefs but also cosmetic laboratories, guarantees an income to Berber women and their families. You will meet these women who will explain the manufacturing process to you.

The synagogue of Simon Attias

The Mellah is the oldest Jewish quarter in Essaouira. Until the 19th century, Essaouira was the place of residence of a large Jewish population, which left many architectural testimonies such as the Simon Attias synagogue. This religious building is incredibly well preserved.

The Hamams

The hammam is an essential aspect of Moroccan culture and is a privileged activity during a visit to Essaouira. Most hotels have a hammam that will ensure you have a good moment of relaxation. For an even more perfect relaxation session, as well as massages and scrubs.

Camel ride

Different formulas offer the possibility of discovering the desert in order to capture the special atmosphere that reigns there. This immensity of sand is accessible by 4 × 4, quad or camel back. Three-hour quad bike tours allow you to enjoy the scenery while soaking up the region. During the excursions of several days are organized, camps around fire are on the program at night, the gaze riveted on the stars and the Milky Way, spared any light pollution. After a traditional Berber meal, you will fall asleep to the sound of the crackling of the brazier, before another extraordinary day.

Source : Visit Essaouira

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